John Farnsworth putting finishing touches on the equine portrait Caballos Peruanos.

Born in Arizona in 1941, John Farnsworth is a mature artist and a painter's painter. 

Prolific in both watercolor and oils, Farnsworth paints with a contemporary eye and a traditional hand. 

His subject matter is without limit. From travel and landscapes to animal portraits, from still lifes to Kachinas, he paints his unique response to whatever catches his eye.

Self taught, he works from life, sketches, photographs, and video. 

John paints using a limited palette that he calls the (Un)Limited Palette, consisting of just one of each of the primaries in watercolor, with white added when working in oil.

He has painted full time since 1967 and his works range from small pencil drawings to the twenty by thirty foot mural "Stage" now in the collection of the City of Phoenix, Arizona.

Farnsworth has taught workshops in France, Mexico, Spain, Peru, Taos and Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Canyon de Chelly, Tucson and Tubac, Arizona. These workshops have covered such diverse subjects as Computers for Artists, Beginning Watercolor, The Horse in Three Colors, the (Un)Limited Palette, and Digital Photography. 

From August, 2010, to November, 2014, he created a daily painting for his blog, A Farnsworth A Day. (

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